Saturday, August 30, 2014

11 Months of Ainslee Blake

Oh my goodess! We are one month away from Ainslee turning one! I do not know how time could possibly fly so quickly. But, here we are. 11 months of Ainslee Blake

This is her new showing-out face. She is so stinking ornery.

Firsts this month:
  • Going to a Drillers Game. She loved Hornsby. 

Seriously though...

Around the sixth inning Ainslee and Deacon were too wiggly to remain sitting in the stands so we headed out to the lawn behind left field. I promise this picture below happened naturally. I nearly cried...then a few seconds later he started pestering her. So, it all evens out in the end.

  •  Going to the Aquarium/her first "Girl's Day" with Granny and cousin Kabella.

Granny has been doing girl's day with Hayden and cousin Arianna, and a boy's day with Deacon and cousin Ruger for a few years now. She decided it was time for Ainslee and Bella to have their first girl's day out. We originally wanted to go to the zoo, but we thought the aquarium was probably a better choice in this August heat. It was a huge success because the girls loved it.

Touching a starfish.

Watching the sting rays.

Other firsts:
  • Staying the night away from Mama. It was two nights, and Ainslee did great, Mama actually did okay too.
  • Saying "bubba." She has to be in the right mood, but I've gotten her to say it a few times.
  • Crawling the correct way. We seriously thought she'd never give up the army crawl.
  • Her bottom two side teeth came in.

Ainslee's Likes:
  • Daddy being home! June-mid July Kerry is always extremely busy at the campground and usually doesn't get home til after bedtime. The first few days that Kerry was home Ainslee was stuck to him like glue.

Cuddling with Daddy

  • Pestering Granny Eakle. She put on quite the show last time we were at Granny Eakle's house. Grabbing her feet and mocking her every time she coughed or sneezed. Granny got a huge kick out of it.

  •  Throwing magazines in the floor, emptying toy baskets, diaper baskets, pretty much anything that can be emptied.

She threw these in the floor and then wallowed in them.
  • Playing "Patty-cake," "Where's Ainslee?" and lifting her hands in the hair when we say, "praise Jesus"'s really funny.
  • The girl also loves a good tune to dance to and dances rather wildly. (See my Instagram for a video) 
Ainslee's Dislikes:
  • When mama won't let her play with the iPad.

"My mom is so mean!"

  •  When mama or daddy says the word "no."

I found a box of Deacon's old baby clothes the other day. I had forgotten about this gem that we got from the Gibsons.
Ainslee Ninja Warrior
 We bought Ainslee this onesie while in Eureka Springs. I love it so much.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I'm Scared of My Blog

I have a very irrational fear when it comes to people's thoughts of me. It's highly annoying...not their thoughts...the fact that I fear them. It makes me feel like a weak woman. I really dislike it about myself. I worry about what people think, how they perceive me or my actions. That's why me having a blog is laughable, no matter how tiny or minuscule my following (and believe me it's tiny...but I secretly love that).

I do not like to be on display.

I do not want people carefully or not so carefully examining my life, my thoughts.

I never feel smart or insightful enough.

When it comes to writing my words often feel too simple or insignificant.

I agonize over certain sentences. Do I sound dumb? Does that word even mean what I think it means? Oh my gosh, I COMPLETELY misspelled that very simple word and I hit "publish" hours ago. 

I misspell words, use the wrong synonyms, commit all kinds of horrendous grammatical errors. And when it's on my blog anyone (all ten followers) can see my mistakes...screaming at them.

I let my fear of messing up keep me from sharing words heavy on my heart at times. They won't take me seriously because I once used a semicolon out of place.

Here lies my real problem: I continue to play it safe by hardly ever writing about things God is doing in my own life, or hard issues that I'm dealing with. Yet, this was the very reason I wanted to write in the first place. I just don't want people to read it...but I kinda do.

I know...I'm a mess. A big mess. I just try to pretend I'm not. I pretend I'm confident, I try really hard to not give you a reason to judge or critique my flaws. When I say all of that aloud I hear how incredibly self-righteous it all is. How very hypocritical it is for me to desire others to be transparent, all while I hide and pretend I'm perfect.

I don't know why I care so much. No one else cares about my flaws and failures the way I do. I also struggle with the narcissism that this all derives from. Me, me, me. What do they think of me? And that is really embarrassing, very self-absorbed. *Gag* This kind of narcissism is the very thing I despise in other people, yet here I sit. I'm not sure if I'm the kettle or the pot.

So there it is. Me. I'm so flawed, drowning in fear.

I'm done pretending to be a perfect blogging princess. I really don't like her anyway. I have struggles, God is doing awesome things in my life, and I want to glorify him by sharing them.

So it's about to get all real up in here. This could be a complete train wreck, but at least I can take comfort in knowing we all love to watch those. Don't try and pretend you look away.

Sidenote: I still plan on blogging about my kiddos and family. I like having the documentation, and I know I have family that likes keeping up with ours. Also, this does not mean I will be blogging about each controversial thing that is going on in the world. I think we have enough of those blogs out there, and that really isn't my thing.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Track, T-Ball, and Softball

We spent late March through mid-July going to the kids' track meets, practices, t-ball games, and softball games. It was the busiest our family has been, but it was so much fun.

Every year Keys takes several of the top runners from each grade to the Woodall track meet. All the surrounding K-8th schools (and Keys) come to compete. I love going to track meets so I was thrilled when Deacon was chosen to go and compete for the pre-k boys.

Let me say this: there are some fast little kids in these different schools. Deacon was not necessarily one of them that day. The first race he competed in he looked like he was just out for a nice jog. He had a smile on his face, but was definitely in no hurry.

Waiting to run his leg in the relay.

A nice day for a jog.
Although he wasn't the fastest that day, he got a few ribbons and he had a great time. His team did get second in the tug-of-war. I forgot to take a picture; I was too busy cheering him on!

A few weeks later Keys had their annual elementary track meet. This meet is just for the students at Keys. The kids compete against the other kids in their grade. I have always enjoyed watching Hayden each year, but this year was twice as fun having two kiddos to cheer for.

After some practice racing his sister at home, I think Deacon finally understood what a sprint really was.

Crossing the finish line first!


Long jump, or "run in the sand" as Deacon does it.

First place ribbon in the 75 yd. dash
Hayden has always loved the track meet at Keys. I love watching her. She always tries her absolute hardest. She did really well this year. She placed first in 50 yard dash and second in the 75 yard dash.
Running her leg in the relay race

Here she is getting first place in the 50 yard dash

Hayden has never placed in the long jump. This year however, after seeing her take her two jumps I thought, "Wow, she actually jumped pretty far." Turns out she did awesome!  She placed second out of about 35 girls. She was so thrilled.

Long jump

first place ribbon
 Hayden's class also placed first in the tug-of-war.

proud of their ribbons

This was the first year for the kids to play t-ball and softball. Although it's embarrassing to admit, I discovered I am "that mom." The mom that cheers way too loud for her kids, gets all worked up and nervous for each game, and is on her feet celebrating the loudest when her kids do something good. After one game Hayden said "Mama, you are really loud." I told her "I know baby...I don't know how to harness it...I just get too excited." 

I really do envy the calm moms, the ones who sit, watch, and smile. The ones who clap calmly and do not get crazy each time they are proud of their kids.  Kerry is the calm dad, so maybe that balances us out...probably not though.

First night of ball for both

The first game for both kids happened to be on the same night. This was the only bad thing about having two kids playing summer league. I hated to miss either of their games, but looking at their schedules we knew this would happen on most Thursdays.

I took Hayden to her first game. Kerry took Deacon to his first game. Funny story now (not necessarily at the time):  Kerry couldn't find Deacon's field.  His game was at Vian; Kerry thought it was at a different complex and had no idea where the t-ball fields actually were. After driving around and after many frantic phone calls, he eventually got him to the correct ball fields...just in time for the top of the second inning.

It was a tad frustrating, and Kerry was worried he had ruined his first game, but Deacon still had a lot of fun. Besides, he had many games left to play. We also got him to every game 30 minutes early from there on out, just to be safe!
keeping it real

Deacon played for the Fireballs team in Gore. We were so happy his coach Arnie McGee had an opening for him. Arnie is such a great guy who loves kids and is so patient in teaching them. We are very grateful Deacon was on his team. Deacon told us several times how much he loved t-ball and he can't wait til next year. 

Deacon spent the majority of the time playing in the outfield, but towards the end of the season he got to play second base. By the end of the season he was pretty good at batting. I was so proud in one game as he got up to bat the other team's coach instructed his players to back up. 

This was Deacon on the way to every single game. He always fell asleep on the ride. It was a nice little power nap to get him ready to play.

The boy loved to cross home plate
At the end of the season Arnie threw a party for the boys and got them each a trophy with their name and number on it. This may have been the happiest moment of Deacon's life as he thinks trophies are the coolest thing ever.

We always knew we would sign Deacon up when he was old enough to play, but we never thought Hayden would be interested. However, Hayden asked if she could play softball this year. Reluctantly, we said yes. I was so nervous about her having to start out her first year playing coach pitch since she had no prior experience.

Hayden proved me all kinds of wrong. Not only does the kid love love love softball, she is good at it! She hit a home run in her very first game of the season!

Hayden played for the Lady Reds, and from day one she played shortstop. She did really well in the position. Turns out she was pretty fast and good at tagging people out.

She was pretty good at batting as well. I know I said it earlier, but the girl can run. Her speed helped her get on base easily. She also shocked us a couple of times by sliding. She had never practiced it, she just knew what to do in the moment and did it. 

Hayden's team played in three tournaments placing first, third, and fourth. They also placed third in their league out of 7 teams. She had a wonderful first year, and loved her team and coaches.
First place in her first tournament

Third in the league
We were so exhausted by the end of the season, but we are excited for next year.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

10 Months of Ainslee Blake

Before I started searching through pictures of Ainslee from month 9-10 I thought, "I bet I don't have as many this month." False. I had so many I had to narrow them down. 


Deacon loves helping with the monthly pictures. He insisted I take his picture with Ainslee as well. 

Firsts this month:

  • The biggest and best first yet, Ainslee says "mama!" 
  • Signing "all done," and actually tries to say it too. However, she refuses to sign the word "please." She instead cries or yells for whatever she wants and looks at me like I'm offending her by even suggesting she might be polite enough to sign "please."
  • Riding in a boat. Lance took the TBA staff and our family for a ride in the pontoon boat. It was an amazing day and the water was so beautifully clear. We love Tenkiller! 

  • Fourth of July. This holiday is a big deal in our family. We go to Mimi and Bear's each year to help Bear with the fireworks stand, and enjoy the Red Oak fourth of July parade and festivities. 

My kids are straight up characters, and I straight up love it.

Ainslee watching fireworks for the first time.
 Ainslee's Likes:

  • Blackberries. Also destroying this onesie. I have scrubbed and treated twice and cannot get the blackberry stains out of it. Oh well, it was totally worth it.

  • Playing with Hayden's old baby dolls. Well, really just sticking her finger in their eyes.

  • Visiting the library and playing with the magnet board. I'm sure she came home with every germ imaginable after this, but I am exhausted from trying to keep things away from her mouth. She is the third child...sometimes you just go with it.

  • Playing with her chunky monkey twin cousins...who are 5 months younger...yet the same size. My gosh, they are cute.

Ainslee's Dislikes:
  • Things on her head. Headbands, bows, hats, even her hair sometimes. She does not want them on her head. Mama keeps putting them on and she keeps taking them off.

  • Wearing a life jacket. Poor thing, the life jacket was a tad big, and she hated it because it would not allow her hand to reach her face. Therefore she could not suck her thumb...this is tragic when she is sleepy.

More pictures from the month.
Seriously though.