Saturday, March 01, 2014

Five Months of Ainslee Blake

Miss Ainslee is now five whole months. Here is a look at what's been going on this month.

She's catching up with Carl
Our good friend Mary Duke got Ainslee these adorable bloomers and matching headband. She is about to outgrow them so I thought we better take some pictures in them before she gets too chunky for them.

"What are these ruffles about?"
Ainslee's likes:

  • Sucking her thumb...once while holding her golf club. Making her daddy proud.

  • Chewing on things. She especially loves her wipes box.

  • Dressing like a pirate. There's a chance this was just her mama having some fun.

  • Ainslee is still a big fan of her big sister

My girls on Valentine's Day

  • Ainslee is starting to like her big brother again. Even though he drives cars on her back and gives her pretend haircuts.

  • Reading books.  Ainslee loves to be read to.

Ainslee's dislikes:

  • Staying on her blanket!! I cannot keep this child on her blanket. She rolls and rolls and rolls. I cannot imagine what I will do when she starts crawling.

Ainslee had several firsts this month.

First trip to Krispy Kreme.

I was suspecting that little miss was teething. I was hoping to be wrong, but I was correct. First tooth came in early, just like her big sisters did. First tooth at 4 1/2 months. However, she was hardly fussy at all. So maybe she'll be a good teether like her big brother was.

Another big first. Ainslee has began blabbing "dada." I cannot even tell you how uncool this is to mama. I am 0 for 3 now in my babies saying "mama" first. Poor mama. *sigh*

Here are a few more pictures.

Hanging out with big brother and big sister