Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Pretty in Yellow

Hayden wanted to let her Aunt Penny know that her new Easter Duck made her laugh yesterday. She has also decided to name the duck "Penny."

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Brand new baby

Kerry and I are so happy to report that Hayden is a brand new baby! All the prayers and new formula have worked. She has had a great week and feels so much better. She has spent most of the week playing, cooing, and being cute. No more lengthy crying episodes, thank-you God!

I know I'm always asking for prayer on each and every post it seems like, but my daughter is proof that prayer works. So here is my next request: pray that God will send a buyer for our house. We were hoping to be in Collinsville by now, but we cannot afford to live there when we still have our house here in Sallisaw. Kerry is having to do a lot of driving and it's a little stressful and tiring. We really want to sell our house and get up there. Also pray that we can find somewhere to live up there. We have been house hunting, but we haven't found anything solid yet.