Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Nine Months of Ainslee Blake

Our big girl is nine months now. Where has time went?

We have a few more firsts this month. 

  • Two more teeth on top.
  • Standing up in her crib...loads of fun at bed and nap time.
  • Waving "bye-bye."
  • More climbing (as seen below)

Ainslee's Likes:

  • Ice Cream. You cannot have ice cream anywhere near this child if you don't plan on sharing...she will scream at you...and you will cave.

  • Spaghetti. Although, I'm not sure if it's the eating it or playing in it that she enjoys more.

  • Wrestling with brother and sister.

  •   Swinging.

  • Swimming. This was also her first time at Lake Tenkiller. Along with swimming, she also enjoys putting every single rock she can possibly get her hands on in her mouth. This kid!!

Ainslee's Dislikes:
  • When someone is eating and they don't want to share with her.

  • Using a fork. I put food on a fork, she takes the fork and sets it aside...or throws it in the floor.

  •  Mom taking pictures while she does her "business."

  • When mama or daddy leave the room. She cries every time. Her heart is completely broken as if we have abandoned her and are never returning. No one is allowed to leave...ever.

Here are some more pictures from this month.
"Helping" mom with her makeup.

This kid

Eight Months of Ainslee Blake

Ainslee turned 8 months on May 25th. She had several firsts this month as well:

Pulling up
Climbing (ugh)
Top right tooth came in

Before she knocked the chalkboard over...several times


Carl was pestering her.

Ainslee's Likes:
  • Being sneaky and crawling under or behind furniture.

  • Getting into things and making messes.

  • Climbing...especially the stairs...all day...every day.

  • Her Grandpas, yay!! She went through a stage where she would cry when they held her. Now she is a big fan of her sweet Bear and silly Papa.

  • The song "Happy" by Pharrell Williams. I have no picture of this, but I have an adorable video on my Instagram of Ainslee dancing and going nuts when we play this song. She loves it.

Ainslee's Dislikes:
  • When mama will not let her hold the spoon. She fights me every bite to hold the spoon herself. She has quite the death grip. This is so fun for mama when we are in a hurry or when mama doesn't want A to get baby food on her nice clothes.

More pictures from this month.

Deacon and Ainslee's relationship. It's pretty much a pester/pester situation.
Enjoying the view at Cherokee Landing. I thank God all the time for the privilege of living so close to beautiful Tenkiller Lake.