Wednesday, October 26, 2005


This was Phoebe's halloween costume for last year. We decided to put in on her last night so that we could have a few laughs. She hates us.

I also bought her a new costume for this year. She will hate it just as much, but until the baby gets here, we have to dress up the dog because she is for now the only child we have.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Boomer Sooner

Those of you that are sooner fans are probably just as happy as I am today about Saturday's victory. It was so wonderful to watch the game and not feel so hopeless and depressed. It was nice to come to work today, because we freaking won on saturday and I don't have to hear anyone mouth off.

Now, on a more embarrassing note. Did anyone see the prissy little girls holding up a sign at the game that read "Forget our loses, we are going to win tonight."? Yeah, real good job girls. Way to represent the university. It was so bad that the commentators on Fox Sports Network actually said "learn to spell." So I just wanted to say thanks to those stupid morons with the sign. They shouldn't be allowed at another sporting event for OU.